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Famille Helfrich

Family Helfrich

Family Helfrich is the independent specialist arm of Les Grands Chais de France that has founded the in 1979 and has grown to become the leading producer and exporter of French wines and spirits. It now has an independent portfolio of over 400 wines, including owning 49 domaines and chateaux’s across some of the best terroir France has to offer and a growing number of producers around the world – including Danubiana in Hungary and Las Ninas in Chile and HXM in Germany.

Its French Domaines includes properties such as Chateau de Fesles and Chateau du Cleray in the Loire, Chateau Cantin & Faizeau in Bordeaux, Chateau Chalon & Domaine De Savagny Vin de Paille in the Jura, Domaine Mas Belles Eaux & La Baume in the Languedoc. There is also Chartron et Trébuchet and Pierre André & Moillard from Burgundy. 

Working with Family Helfrich Wines gives you the ability as an independent or on-trade wholesaler to buy direct from a producer from appellations all over France, with one delivery, plus a growing international stable of producers too.