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Pol Roger Portfolio

The outstanding range of producers represented by the Portfolio now comprises Champagne Pol Roger, Bodegas Artadi, Maison Joseph Drouhin, Domaine Vacheron, Dal Forno Romano, Casanova di Neri, Sandrone, Bryant Estate, Cornell Vineyards, Robert Sinskey Vineyards, Staglin Family Vineyard, Abreu, Gallica, Kinsman Eades, TOR Wines, Voyager Estate and Mulline Vintners, as well as Leiper’s Fork Distillery and Glenfarclas Highland Single Malt.


The story began in 1977 with Sandrone’s founder, the late Luciano Sandrone, who bought a parcel of less than a hectare in Cannubi Boschis, the undisputed cradle of Barolo. Over the next 40 years the winery expanded across 27 hectares and is now managed by the second and third generations of the Sandrone family. Their ultimate goal is to create the highest quality wines whilst showing the heritage and terroir of the different vineyards.

Mulline Vintners

Established in 2018, Mulline Vintners is the project of two Bens who are focused on creating unique regional and single vineyard wines from the undiscovered Geelong region of Victoria. The couple source grapes from the finest parcels in Geelong’s diverse subregions: the Moorabool Valley, the Bellarine Peninsula, and the Surf Coast. Making elegant and structured single-vineyard wines, these are expressions that speak of place and the exciting new wave of Australian wine.

Voyager Estate

The impressive Voyager Estate in Margaret River

Voyager Estate, founded by Michael Wright in 1978, creates world-class wines which epitomise Steven Valley’s maritime influence and idyllic micro-climate. All their wines are single estate grown and certified organic since 2023. The reigns of the company have since passed to Alexandra Burt, the late Michael Wright’s daughter.

Leiper’s Fork Distillery

An independent family-owned small batch whiskey distillery in Williamson County, Tennessee, Leiper’s Fork Distillery aims to revive the lost art of small batch whiskey production. Established in 2016, the distillery uses local ingredients, time-honoured techniques, and an unquenchable passion for whiskey to create a premium product that is entirely the work of their own hands.

Pol Roger Portfolio was founded in 1990 and since its foundation has grown to represent high quality, predominantly family owned producers of first-class wines and spirits beyond the much-loved champagne to which it owes its name.

The outstanding range of producers represented by the Portfolio now comprises Champagne Pol Roger, Bodegas Artadi, Maison Joseph Drouhin, Domaine Josmeyer, Domaine Vacheron, Dal Forno Romano, Casanova di Neri, Bryant Estate, Cornell Vineyards, Robert Sinskey Vineyards, Staglin Family Vineyard, Abreu, Gallica, Kinsman Eades, TOR Wines and Grand Tokaj, as well as Glenfarclas Highland Single Malt.

Champagne Pol Roger: The Maison has been producing exceptional champagne for 170 years. To this day the house remains small, family-owned, fiercely independent and unrivalled in its reputation for quality. Indeed, it is this quality which brought about Sir Winston Churchill’s lifelong attachment to Pol Roger, who famously insisted “In defeat I need it, in victory I deserve it”.

Abreu Vineyards: David Abreu has painstakingly cultivated a style of winemaking in the Napa Valley over 30 years, focusing on the vineyards, soils and fruit, that has, deservedly gained him celebrity. Born and bred in the Napa Valley, he produces iconic, single vineyard wines from his 28 hectares of vineyard in the Napa Valley.

Bodegas Artadi: Artadi dates back to 1981 when its current owner, Juan Carlos López de Lacalle, together with his family and thirteen local growers founded Artadi in the heart of Alava. Artadi’s primary focus is to produce inimitable wines; this they achieve with a respect for their rich historical heritage, a love of and deference to nature, and by championing the unique personalities of their wines.

Bryant Estate: Bryant Estate represents the vision of proprietors Don and Bettina Bryant. In 1985, after purchasing a 40 acre property on the slopes of Pritchard Hill overlooking Lake Hennessy, Don L. Bryant realised its untapped position and replanted a 13 acre parcel with Cabernet Sauvignon. Rocky, exposed and with enough afternoon sunshine to bask the vines with heady warmth, the property requires a steady grower’s hand and expert winemaking.

Casanova di Neri: Casanova di Neri was founded in 1971 by Giovanni Neri, a grain merchant from the town of Montevarchi, south of Florence and was one of the first producers to be part of the Brunello di Montalcino AOC. Giacomo Neri took over the business when Giovanni passed away in 1991, and he is accompanied by his sons, Giovanni and Gianlorenzo. Casanova di Neri is seen as one of the pioneers of single-vineyard Brunello, and consistently produces some of the best wines in the DOC. Its seven vineyards are located in diverse terroirs across Montalcino: Fiesole, Cerretalto, Collalli, Podernuovo, Pietradonice, Giovanni Neri and Cetine.

Cornell Vineyards: After over a decade of experimentation, planting and zeroing in on their distinct Sonoma style, Henry and Vanessa Cornell released their first commercial wines in 2013. The estate has vast geological diversity coming from ancient sea beds and volcanoes with sandstone, shale, cobblestones, loamy clay, and volcanic rock. All five Bordeaux grape varietals are present in the vineyard, to maximise blending potential. These are elegant, fruity and powerful wines, that are a true expression of their unique origin.

Dal Forno Romano: Located in Val D’Illasi in the Valpolicella region, this artisanal wine estate was established by Romano Dal Forno in 1986. Founded on his uncompromising vision, he combined traditional practices with modern techniques and technology to climb to the pinnacle of vintners producing wines from dried grapes. Almost forty years later the estate is still run by the family, with his son Marco at the helm and Romano always by his side.

Gallica: Rosemary Cakebread has justifiably carved out a name for herself as a highly-regarded winemaker in the Napa Valley. Gallica, nestled in the heart of Napa Valley, is a small family-run winemaking endeavour, with Rosemary at the helm.

Glenfarclas Single Malt: In 1865, Glenfarclas distillery, nestled in the heart of Speyside, was purchased by a cattle breeder by the name of John Grant. Times may have changed, but it’s what has stayed the same that makes Glenfarclas unique: the six generations of Grant family pride and the revered quality of their famous Single Malt Whisky.

Kinsman Eades: Nigel Kinsman is something of a trail blazer in the Napa Valley. It was just a matter of time before he made his own wine and that time came in 2016, when, together with his wife Shae, they achieved a long-held dream; they crushed their first fruit. Their vision is for site-driven, singular expressions of origin and history. Their objective is ‘to make compelling wines that sing of their origins’. Nigel and Shae have an instinctive understanding of what makes a vineyard truly special. There are currently two wines, Rhadamanthus and Anjea, attest to this intuition.

Maison Joseph Drouhin: Since 1880 Maison Joseph Drouhin has been in the hands of the Drouhin family. Today, the fourth generation are custodians of the estate, buoyed by the same passion that first inspired their great grandfather and founder of the company. Drouhin’s foremost concern is to express the exact character of each terroir. A fixation which led them to adopt biodynamic practices in 1993; only natural products are used in the vineyards and all procedures show the utmost respect for the soil, the vines and the environment.

Robert Sinskey Vineyards: Robert Sinskey Vineyards is a family-owned and run winery, founded in 1988, of over 200 acres of exceptional vineyard based in the Los Carneros and Stags Leap districts of the Napa and Sonoma Valleys.

Staglin Family Vineyard: Founded in 1985 by Shari, Garen, Brandon and Shannon, the Staglin Family view themselves modestly as ‘stewards’ of their historic Rutherford Bench estate in the Napa Valley, which dates back to 1868.

TOR Wines: Founder Tor Kenward spent four decades distilling what makes a wine extraordinary. Once he had honed his craft, he founded TOR Wines. The plan was simple; the wines would come from only the best blocks in the best vineyard sites that he knew and revered. TOR Wines focus on single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay wines and Bordeaux varietals. Each wine is handmade and bottled in very small quantities.

Vacheron: The Vacheron family has been producing wine in the heart of Sancerre for over 120 years, with the Maison now in the hands of 4th generation cousins Jean-Laurent and Jean-Dominique Vacheron. Under their direction, the Domain has embraced sustainable practices, converting to biodynamics in the early millennium. The rejection of chemicals, coupled with hand-harvesting of the grapes means that yields are typically low. Their no-shortcuts approach in the vineyards pays dividends in the winery; even in the most challenging of vintages, they reliably produce wines of exacting quality.