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Preferabli is the leading AI-driven, B2B2C product discovery and recommendation software in the wine and spirits industry – including specialty and grocery retailers, hospitality and travel, and DTC marketplaces and distribution.

Preferabli licenses software that easily integrates into existing systems to help the industry efficiently market and sell to individual taste preferences in the way a human expert would – at scale.Preferabli software has 11 patents, and users in over 70 countries.

Preferabli analyzes digital signal – including historical purchases and consumer ratings – to make inventory-based recommendations. All recommendations are based on individual preferences, not crowdsourcing.Functionalities cover wine, beer, spirits and RTDs.

Scalable Solutions That Drive ROI

Preferabli uses a novel form of machine learning and the most comprehensive database in the industry. The software was built by PhDs in physiology and mathematics and the largest group of MWs and MSs in the world.

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