The Buyer
Enotria and Coe

Enotria and Coe Vintners joined forces in August 2015, bringing together decades of experience working with exceptional wines and spirits. Although founded in vastly different eras – Enotria in 1972 by wine importer Remo Nardone, and Coe Vintners in 1930 by wine merchant Eric Coe – both share humble beginnings and owe much of their respective successes to their entrepreneurial spirit…and to choosing the right products for the right markets at the right time.

The partnership was a logical progression for both businesses, with Coe’s agility and strength as a premium bar and restaurant supplier complementing Enotria’s extensive distribution expertise and authority.

Today, Enotria&Coe is the UK’s leading specialist wine and spirits supplier, representing the most sought-after premium, iconic, artisan and innovative producers and distillers.

Our reputation is built on three core and constant factors: obsessive product knowledge, the creation of strong partnerships and a commitment to excellence in everything we do.

We challenge ourselves to stay ahead of the curve, leading trends and adapting to the market. This means that we’re trusted to offer in-demand products, deliver brand activation, think creatively and apply our insight and expertise to meet a variety of customer needs.

As a full-service wine and spirits company, with the UK’s most comprehensive, premium and inspired portfolio, we’re here to add value to our customers’ businesses, ensuring everyone’s success.

In short, we love what we do and we’re passionate about what you and your customers drink. That’s what makes us different, and that’s why people continue to choose us.