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In a landscape scattered with enormous round granite boulders, a geological phenomenon to be found in only two or three other places around the world, in an area protected as of exceptional natural beauty, Alexandre Avatangelos and Gérard Margeon envisioned the re-creation of the vineyard that existed 6,000 years ago. It became a lifetime aim to sustainably preserve the environment and create the best wine in the world.

It was the people`s determination and persistence that has made the dream come true and helped bring to light the hidden secrets of Tinos` arid soil.

Stephane Derenoncourt, the extremely experienced, meticulous master vigneron, Michalis Tzanoulinos, vineyard manager and his team, along with Thanos Georgilas and Eleni Valiantza, winemaker and oenologist at T-OINOS, are the ones who undertake the task to create wines expressing with precision the energy and purity of this unique terroir.

The various parcels of the 13-hectare of the privately-owned vineyard are located at an altitude of 450m asl and have a high planting density of 10.000 vines per hectare while the altitude and the wind ensure a moderate temperature even at the hottest hours of the summer.

The microclimate and soil of the region indicated the suitable indigenous varieties to be planted, the ones already existing in Cyclades since antiquity, capable of incorporating into their flavours, aromas and colors, the schizophrenic harmony of human existence on this Cycladic island.

There are two flagship varieties in the domain, Assyrtiko and Mavrotragano, both cultivated organically while biodynamic practices apply, too, offering six different labels

  • Clos Stegasta Asyrtiko
  • Clos Stegasta Asyrtiko Rare
  • Clos Stegasta Mavrotragano
  • Clos Stegasta Mavrotragano Rare
  • Clos Stegasta Rose
  • Mavrose


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