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Dynamic Vines bring BIB natural wines to Secret Garden Party

Dynamic Vines bring BIB natural wines to Secret Garden Party

Roving reporter Christina Rasmussen hails the arrival of decent, free-spirited rosé at the free-spirited Secret Garden Party festival and argues that Bag in Box wines are sometimes the only format to choose – especially if you’re very thirsty.

Christina Rasmussen
20th August 2016by Christina Rasmussen
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A free-spirited wine company brings a free-spirited wine to the Secret Garden Party festival

Would you buy a Bag in Box wine from this man?

I admit there’s something a bit weird about drinking wine out of a box, but there shouldn’t be.

With fresh, young wines – why not? It’s much better for the environment, it’s cheaper, and you get more wine so it’s a win-win for everyone. It’s ideal for a party where you need a lot of wine, and if you’re living in London with multiple people, like I do, it’s likely you don’t have much fridge space for lots of bottles.

Bag in Box (BIBs) wines are becoming really trendy and here’s one that I enjoyed at Secret Garden Party this year.

Before going to Secret Garden Party this year I’d seen that Dynamic Vines would be there, so on Sunday afternoon I went to find them. The theme this year was The Gardener’s Guide to the Galaxy, so the stand was all cosmic-themed. Hooray for cosmic wine, it looked great.

Dynamic Vines is an independent natural wines merchant that provides individual wines to the on-trade. They focus on natural/ organic/ biodynamic wines that “reflect their place of birth: the soil, the climate and their people.” Free spirited wines, at a free spirited festival.

I enjoyed a BIB wine: a rosé from Chateau Fontainebleau IGP “Cascade” from the Coteaux Varois. The blend was 80% Cinsault, 20% Grenache and the cost worked out at 175ml for £4, £15 for 75cl, £70 for 5L.

The large format works out at £10.50 per 75cl and I challenge you to find a better price for a rosé of this quality anywhere whether at a festival, bar or restaurant in the South of England.

A short ‘trip’ of rosé – the new festival measure

Instead of naming them ‘glasses’ on the list they were called ‘trips’ after the galaxy theme. Nice touch.

Château Fontainebleau farms 14 hectares of vines and olive trees biodynamically. It takes its name from the closeness to a river and an abundance of water in its subsoils. Because of this, the vines suffer a bit less from the heat and their wines are lighter and more delicate in style.

It’s gorgeous. Delicate floral nose with aromas of blossom and honeysuckle, with bright strawberry and sharp raspberry notes on the palate. Gentle mineral edge too, and lingers long on the palate. I’ll be getting a box of this for my housewarming.

Dynamic Vines, thank you for bringing a fab wine selection to the Secret Garden Party. The same cider and beer gets a little boring after a while and I’m so pleased you were there. There should be more wine pop-ups at festivals.

That Dynamic Vines price list in full