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How Preferabli personalises discovery for wine & spirits

How Preferabli personalises discovery for wine & spirits

With hundreds of thousands of products available the entire wine, beer, spirits and RTDs categories can be extremely challenging to market and sell, particularly as brands come and go all the time. Hundreds of products might appeal to a specific customer at any given moment. But how can drinks businesses, retailers and online players present the right choice of products to the most relevant customer and consumer groups on every occasion – and how do you scale that choice as your business and target audience grows? Be it across web, mobile and intelligent chat. Here Pam Dillon, chief executive and co-founder of Preferabli, explains how it can answer all those questions.

Richard Siddle
4th June 2023by Richard Siddle
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Preferabli is a new B2B2C product discovery and recommendations platform for the wine and spirits industry and a new supplier partner to The Buyer. Here’s how it can potentially help you sell and market your brands.

How would you describe Preferabli and what you do?

Preferabli is the leading B2B2C product discovery and recommendation software for the wine and spirits industry.We license software that helps the industry market and sell to individual taste preferences in the way a human expert would – at scale.

Our story started with wine, and for a while we were known as Wine Ring. We rebranded as Preferabli in 2022 when we released solutions covering additional sensory products including beer, spirits and RTDs.

What problems does Preferabli solve?

Pam Dillon is co-founder and chief executive of the new Preferabli platform

Businesses struggle to present the right products, at the right time, in the right way.Customers struggle whenever they have too many choices. Preferabli software solves both problems at the same time with software that markets and sells to individual customer taste preferences.

What makes Preferabli different?

Preferabli connects people to products on a true 1:1 basis – based on individual taste preferences, not crowdsourcing. Our database is the most comprehensive in the industry, with hundreds of characteristics for millions of products.

We put the customer at the centre of our recommendation functionalities, quite literally.We build an individual preference profile for every individual customer, and then use our database to power our algorithms. This 1:1 approach is why our software works like a human expert, because that’s how human experts think.

Our software uses a novel form of machine learning protected by 11 patents. It was built by PhDs in physiology and applied mathematics, and the largest group of Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers in the world.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are in specialty and grocery retail, hospitality and travel, and DTC marketplaces and distribution. They all share a common vision, that creating truly personalised experiences leads to higher sales and long-term customer loyalty – and is core to earning brand trust.

Retailers are generally looking for best-in-class content for their ecommerce experiences, and discovery tools that help their customers solve for the paradox of choice.They want recommendation functionalities rooted in individual taste preferences across the board, particularly for email and on websites.

Grocery retailers and DTC platforms want all those functionalities too, plus food and recipe pairing.Hospitality and travel platforms want tools for their service teams, so they can create something truly experiential for their guests.Distributors want to know every customer’s taste preferences, and all the products from their book that fits that profile.

We tailor our solutions to their business needs, however many products they stock or customers they serve, and wherever they are in the evolution of their tech stack.Our web, mobile and intelligent chat modules easily integrate into existing platforms, in both ecommerce and physical settings.

How is Preferabli used?

Use Preferabli product content, discovery, recommendation, and data intelligence tools with your customers directly and in the hands of your sales associates.Use it in ecommerce and physical settings.Implement it via web, mobile and intelligent chat, front and back of house.

Personalized Ecommerce & Email Marketing

  • Product Descriptions for Enriched Experiences
  • Scalable Tools for Cross-Selling and Upselling

Clienteling and Personalized In-Store Experiences

  • Taste-based Recommendations to Drive Loyalty
  • Food and Occasion-Based Recommendations to Create Context

Data & Intelligence

  • Deep Foundation to Present Compelling Content
  • Inventory Analysis Based on Customer Taste Preferences

How does a business get going?

Preferabli looks to personalise product search to offer consumers and customers the most relevant wines, spirits and RTDs to their needs

We generally start by listening to what the business wants to accomplish.What problems do they want to solve? That allows us to establish a scope. We then get a sense of where they are in their tech build to help determines the nature of the integration. We’ve plugins that take only minutes to install, so we can get a business up and running quickly.

Our product content and discovery modules require only an inventory, in any format.Our personalised taste-based recommendations can use any combination of digital signal from customers, including purchases, ratings and search histories, in any format.We are very happy to work with whatever software they have in place.

What about cost?

Cost depends on number of SKUs, number of customers and scope of functionalities – and starts at $250 per month. We’ve built our platform to be affordable by businesses of all sizes, and we guaranty ROI.

Would you explain the nature of Preferabli’s commitment to sustainability?

Our mission is to power personalised choice, anytime and everywhere – which includes choices based upon sustainability criteria.We are deeply committed to sustainability and collaborate with many leaders in the industry on promoting a balanced and thriving ecosystem.

Anything you’d like to add?

We love what we do and would be happy to set up a quick demo for any business who’s interested in licensing our software.Get in touch here.