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Why Portugal Wine Week is helping online wine business

Why Portugal Wine Week is helping online wine business

The cancellation of next week’s ProWein has thrown the international wine trade up in the air. Whilst the decision not to run the event due to the impact of the coronavirus was clearly the right one, it does not make it any easier for the wine producers and buyers who were relying on the show to do business. But where there is adversity, the wine trade so often finds a way to get things done. It is in that spirt that respected wine consultant, André Ribeirinho, is next week going to host a two day online Portugal Wine Week and give producers the chance to still pitch their wineries and their wines to buyers – through live streams on the internet. Here he explains how it is going to work.

Richard Siddle
9th March 2020by Richard Siddle
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We are all going to have to find new ways of doing business in the wake of the impact of the coronavirus around the world. Starting with next week’s Portugal Wine Week from André Ribeirinho.

Tell us about Portugal Wine Week. Why are you doing it?

Portugal Wine Week is a live-streamed two-day online trade event. We created Portugal Wine Week with the aim of minimising the impact of ProWein’s cancellation on Portuguese wine producers. The two-day online trade event consists of a series of interviews with wine producers, as well as some guest speakers. It also includes private business meetings between producers and potential clients.

André Ribeirinho says that with the coronavirus means we are all going to have to get used to more remote working and tasting and working together more online

That’s a very creative way to help people at what is a difficult time. What response have you had from producers?

We couldn’t have hoped for a better one. Although this was a last minute announcement and it is the first ever Portugal Wine Week, producers were quick to show their support, acknowledge its value and register – we already have a few dozen on board! We’re really looking forward to helping both producers and trade professionals get the most out of it.

So how will it work?

Portugal Wine Week will take place on March 16-17. We’ll be streaming live from Lisbon on day one and Porto on day two, with a program that includes interviews with producers, as well as some guest speakers. We’re also setting up private meetings between producers and trade professionals to create new business opportunities.

The event is free, so professionals interested in attending the online event and book up a few meetings should head to and register. We’ll then get in touch with them and provide further information.

Will you be doing the interviews live or recording them?

We’ll be live streaming the interviews live, but also recording them. The live stream and other content will be immediately available on the PWW platform so that people can go back and watch them when they can.

What do you hope to be able to share in the videos? What questions will you be asking and what sort of information will you be looking to share?

New releases, Portuguese wine trends, market challenges and opportunities. Generally, pretty much anything wine producers want to highlight that also helps the international wine trade push their businesses with Portuguese wine.

Will it be in English or Portuguese?

Portugal Wine Week is an English speaking event. That includes interviews, presentations and content on the platform.

How do people get involved if they want to watch?

All wine producers and wine professionals have to do is register on

This is part of other interactive plans you have this year for your Adegga tasting brand. What else are you planning?

The Adegga Market tasting concept helps break down barriers and bring both wine enthusiasts and those who just like a glass of wine with producers

This is the first of a series of innovative events Adegga is launching this year to support Portuguese producers and promote their brands worldwide. Later this year, Adegga will be launching a US-focused Portugal Wine Week campaign, that will bring Portuguese wine trade ambassadors together to celebrate and promote Portuguese wine.

And for those who don’t know can you just summarise what Adegga market is and why you think it is different?

We are looking to bring wine producers and consumers closer. In 2009 Adegga launched Adegga WineMarket, an innovative event, where consumers could both taste and buy wine while interacting with producers in a relaxed atmosphere. Since then, Adegga has run over 30 – and many sold out – events and created other innovations, including the SmartWineGlass, a Premium Room, an Event Online Wine Shop, and the Rising Stars collective.

Most recently, Adegga launched Adegga Festival, a Summer food and wine festival, which is already a must-attend for wine and food lovers wanting to celebrate life with the best food and wine and also Adegga Wine Club.

Adegga is, therefore, an ambassador and partner in the promotion of Portuguese wines to a relevant and loyal audience, in Portugal and worldwide.

  • If you would like to find out any more about Portugal Wine Week or Adegga’s events then contact André Ribeirinho on