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What’s next for wine? Head to wine2wine conference 2019

What’s next for wine? Head to wine2wine conference 2019

After watching and listening to much of the political debate that has taken part in the UK over the last couple of years then you might question the theory that “it’s good to talk”. It certainly helps if the people you are talking to are actually listening and open to what you are saying. Which is what makes next week’s wine2wine conference in Verona particularly exciting as it really does promise to be a meeting of minds of people wanting to shake up, disrupt and challenge the wine industry to do even more in tackling some of its biggest issues. Richard Siddle looks at what is on offer.

Richard Siddle
20th November 2019by Richard Siddle
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The boom in the Chinese wine industry to the opportunities in augmented reality. That’s the breadth and scope of the subjects being tackled at next week’s wine2wine event in Verona.

Just the different taglines for the wine2wine conference promises something different. An event to make you sit up and take notice. Try these on for size: uniting new technologies and wine; revolutionising marketing and communication strategies; humanising management and leadership; and integrating market insights into viticulture and oenology.

A conference that has been broken down into 45 minute sessions that allow for 30 minute presentations on a wide range of themes and a short 15 minute Q&A. All with the clear focus of giving delegates actionable ideas to take away and implement in their businesses. To share business ideas, network, learn and gain valuable knowledge from world experts both in wine and outside.

Stevie Kim of Vinitaly was the leading force behind wine2wine being set up as a new platform to discuss world wine issues

An event that has evolved over the last six years to become part major business conference, part educational event. The chance, as it organisers claim,to “leverage the power of knowledge,” and use it to gain competitive advantage.

It’s all the brainchild of Stevie Kim, head of Vinitaly, organisers, Veronafiere and the Italian Trade Agency. A conference that might sit apart from Vinitaly’s main trade fair in April, but one that fits neatly into both their respective goals. To find more effective ways for the wine industry to do business. Be it locally in Italy, or around the world.

This year’s line up of speakers includes a wide range of talent from both the commercial wine world, as well as leading winemakers, viticulturists, consultants through to digital and social media experts and marketing commentators.

Which when you look at the complex supply chain that the wine industry now sits, is very much the grape to the glass to the consumer approach that any modern wine business needs to be on top of.

The wine2wine event takes a deep dive into viticultural and marketing issues facing the wine industry

From the wine supply chain of the fence there is:

  • Austrian and now Chinese winemaker, Lenz Moser, will look at the opportunities for Chinese wine in global exports.
  • Liv-Ex’s James Miles looking at the secondary winemarket for Italian wine.
  • Robert Joseph will examine different models of sustainability within wine and what value they have on.
  • Gaia Gaja will look at how producers can mitigate against the effects of climate change.
  • E&J Gallo’s Kristina Kelley will look at why corporate social responsibility matter.
  • The Italian Trade Agency will examine the export opportunities in Czech Republic and Russia.
  • Ian Ford will examine the changing landscape of the Chinese wine market.
  • Miles Beale from the WSTA will look at how the wine world can still do business in a Brexit Britain.

Then from the marketing and communications side there is:

Joe Fattorini will look at how wine markets itself and why millennials are not what they seem

  • A specific focus on managing and making podcasts with Monty Waldin, Chris Scott, Lawrence Francis and Elizabeth Schneider.
  • André Ribeirhino will look at how the industry attracts new consumers into wine.
  • Paul Mabray will look at how wineries can future proof themselves.
  • Heini Zachariassen on how to use wine apps to reach consumers directly.
  • Joe Fattorini will make the case against advertising to millennials, whilst Polly Hammond will argue why millennials could be the best thing to happen to wine.
  • Julia Coney and Elaine Chukan Brown will examine ‘Responsibility in Wine Communication’.

There will also be insights into new technology with a a session by Rodrigo Sepúlveda Schulz on blockchains and artificial intelligence tools for wine. Whilst Maureen Downey will examine how technology is being used to fight wine fraud.

  • wine2wine takes place November 25-26 at Veronafiere’s Palaexpo, Italy. For further information, full programme and tickets visit the wine2wine website.