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New demand for sparkling wine driven by bars and pubs

New demand for sparkling wine driven by bars and pubs

Sparkling wine sales in the off-trade may currently be nearly double those in the on-trade, but it is in bars, restaurants and pubs where the new demand and growth for sparkling wine is coming from.

Richard Siddle
15th March 2016by Richard Siddle
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New figures from the Wine and Spirit Trade Association show that the rate of growth in the on-trade for sparkling wine in the on-trade is double that in the off-trade in the last year.

The combined sales are now over £1billion for the first time in the last 12 months to £1.05bn.

That breaks down as a 22% rise in off-trade sales to £709m, while sales in the bars and restaurants have soared by 44% to £348m.

In the last 12 weeks alone, sales have gone up by 49% in the on-trade to £98m compared to only 20% in the off-trade to £229m.

In volume terms, sales have shot up in the on-trade by 49% in the past year to 100,000hl, and 53% in the last 12 weeks of this period to 29,000hl.

In pubs alone, sales have increased by 270% since 2011, a value of £95m.

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association predicts that at the current rate of growth, sparkling wine sales volumes will reach the 800,000 hl mark by the end of the year – twice as much as in 2012. And by 2020 sales could feasibly reach 1 billion hl.

“Sparkling wine has once again experienced excellent growth, which is fantastic news for our expanding English wine industry,” said the WSTA’s chief executive Miles Beale.