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How wine2wine will put diversity & inclusion centre stage

How wine2wine will put diversity & inclusion centre stage

If you want to keep on top of the latest global trends in wine and the digital community that supports it, then you might want to cancel any Zoom calls next Monday and Tuesday. Unless they happen to be part of the wine2wine event that is going online between November 23-24 to give anyone in the world the chance to watch and take part in what will be over 50 sessions all beamed out online. Two of the key themes this year are diversity and inclusion with a number or keynote speakers from around the world. Here are some of the highlights.

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18th November 2020by Richard Siddle
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To take part in wine2wine you can access the full of speaker programme here and you can follow proceedings on social media at @wine2wineVerona.

Next week’s wine2wine conference programme is a who’s who of some of the leading talent across the international wine community. In particular the show organisers have looked to ensure there is a wide network of speakers that best illustrate the cultural diversity that exists in the wine industry, but also promotes the need for more inclusion to ensure as many voices from as wide range of backgrounds are heard as possible.

Whatever our backgrounds and experiences the last year has shown how much as an industry – even as a community – the wine sector needs to stick together. Both in terms of how we support each other, but also how we encourage, nurture and share best practice so that we can all grow together in as collaborative a way as any healthy, competitive industry can.

This year’s wine2wine conference session is focused on addressing both the business and personal challenges we face. There is a common thread of strong female leadership steering the event. Among the experts who will be on the virtual stage for the first time, there are:

Sandra Taylor of Sustainable Business International is one of the keynote speakers at this year’s online wine2wine event

Sandra Taylor, president and chief executive of Sustainable Business International; Stephanie Gallo, chief marketing officer of E.& J. Gallo Winery; Rania Zayyat, founder of Wonder Women of Wine; Jermaine Stone, founder and chief executive of Cru Luv Wine and Kodjo Adovor, founder and sommelier of the Africa Wine Club.

Four of the sessions will be chaired by wine writers and journalists Julia Coney, and Elaine Chukan Brown, Felicity Carter and Rebecca Hopkins, and two Masters of Wine, Jeannie Cho Lee and Sarah Heller.

Diversity and inclusion debates

There are five specific sessions focused on addressing the diversity and inclusion debate.

  • Wine as an ally: Julia Coney will analyse why the wine industry should become an ambassador for social causes and how supporting certain causes can make good commercial sense too, with Elaine Chukan Brown. (6.45pm March 24)
  • The benefits of a more diversified wine industry: Magnavai Janjo will examine the need for the wine industry to modernise by targeting a more diverse consumer audience in a session chaired by Paul Caputo. (2.45pm March 23)
  • Regine Lee MW of Liberty Wines will look at the role of gender prejudices when talking to consumers. (2pm March 23)

Rania Zayvat will join Amelia Singer to look at the supportive role women can offer other women in the trade

  • Rania Zayyat and Amelia Singer will talk about how women can support women along with Felicity Carter. (6pm March 24)
  • Sexism in the workplace: Wine influencer, Laura Donadoni and wine communicator, Tatiana Livesey, will both address the issue of sexism in the wine business and how to dismantle it. (5.15pm March 24)

The post-COVID wine industry

We might still be very much in the grip of Covid-19, but we also need to regroup and look ahead to what the wine industry might look in a post Covid-19 world. Here are five sessions to look at:

Stephanie Gallo will be sharing her expertise of marketing the world’s most bought wine brands

  • Journalist Natalie Wang will examine how the virus has changed the behaviour of Chinese consumers. (10am March 23).
  • Beniamino Garofalo, chief executive of Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo, will explore the opportunities for wine in the Caribbean. (11am March 23).
  • Ian Harris, chief executive of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, will look at the future of wine education. (2.45pm March 23)
  • E&J Gallo Winery CMO, Stephanie Gallo, and its public relations director, Kristina Kelley, will look at how well the wine industry has promoted itself during the pandemic and the importance of demonstrating an empathic approach. (6pm March 23)
  • Ulf Sjödin MW will look at the impact of Covid-19 on the Swedish market whilst wine educator, Michaela Morris, will turn the spotlight on how well Canada has responded. (2.45pm March 24)

Focus on marketing and insights

Here is a selection of some of the other sessions focused on digital trends, marketing and insights.

  • Paul Mabray will look at how wineries can jump-start their digital transformation. (4.30pm March 24)
  • Meg Maker will examine the best ways to reach the media through your digital communications with Felicity Carter. (3.45pm March 23)

Jermaine Stone will share how wine and hip hop is the perfect drinking and music accompaniment

  • Jermaine Stone, founder of the “Wine and Hip Hop” podcast will share how it has been able to bring wine to a wider audience through music and hip hop. (3.45pm March 24)
  • Andre Ribierhino and Valentina Abbona of Marchesi Barolo will look at the ins and outs of running an online wine store for a wine producer. (11am Monday March 23).
  • Polly Hammond, founder of wine business consultancy, 5forests, will show you how to calculate what budget you will need for digital marketing with Robert Joseph. (11.45am March 24)
  • Mike Veseth, editor of the Wine Economist, will give his take on international trade trends in face of a declining US dollar. (4.30pm March 23)
  • Harmon Skurnik, president of distributors, Skurnik Wines and Spirits, will look at the impact of US customs tariffs on global trade. (4.30pm March 23)
  • To attend the virtual wine2wine conference costs €120 + VAT.
  • For details on how to sign up click here.
  • For the full conference programme click here.