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    Managing Director
    Tony Cleary

    Director of Purchasing
    Lesley Cook

    Director of Sales
    Mark Roberts

    Emma Campbell



    We’re an independent, family-owned supplier of quality wines and spirits to the trade, successfully operating and innovating across every element of UK wine import and export. We have over 3,000 product lines providing our customers with wines and spirits to meet every requirement, from premium ranges to award-winning house wines and everything in between.

    We are a sustainable wine company and strongly believe it’s the duty of every business to preserve our planet, which is why we’ve invested over £8million in developing clean, renewable energy and heat generation for our offices and warehouses to greatly reduce our business’ carbon footprint.

    Today our business is powered almost completely by renewable wind and solar energy.

    • Our four wind turbines produce around 5.5million kWh (kilowatt hours) of clean, renewable electricity per year.
      • We use around 42% of this electricity to run operations at our Greencroft Estate (including Lanchester Wines, Greencroft Bottling and Lanchester Gifts) with the remaining electricity – enough to power 800 three bedroom homes – feeding into the National Grid for use within our local community.
    • We also have a 41 kilowatt solar array on the roof of Lanchester Wines’ office complex, which is calculated to produce enough clean electricity to cover our day-to-day use. The chemical reactions which occur within solar panels are more efficient at cooler temperatures so County Durham’s bright and sunny, yet rather chilly, weather is perfect for our solar panels.
    • We are pioneering world-changing heat pump technology using water from disused mines at our warehouses in Gateshead. The only heat pump system of its kind in the UK, this is set to revolutionise how clean technology can be used in former mining areas across the world.

    Because we believe being carbon neutral is just the beginning.

    Tony Cleary, the founder and still owner of The Lanchester Group