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    Matt Tipping

    Lucie Parker
    Trade director

    Peter Mitchell MW
    Wine Director

    Jeroboams Trade
    7-9 Elliott’s Place
    N1 8HX

    Email : sales@jeroboamstrade.co.uk,
    Phone: 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday

    020 7288 8880

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    We are Jeroboams

    At Jeroboams we have a history of sourcing and supplying an extensive range of wines, and pride ourselves on an ability to find those wines that are rare and interesting, alongside a great selection of those that are regularly in demand. All are sourced from producers whose ethos of integrity, quality and sustainability we share and are aimed at telling a story and meeting the ever changing tastes and demands of our customers.

    Jeroboams Trade traces its roots back to 1934. We proudly represent family-owned wineries such as Hunter’s Wines, Kelly Washington, Oldenburg, Moss Wood, Pierro, Castello dei Rampolla, Fattoria Casaloste, Domaine Antonin Guyon along with many others.  We supply all areas of hospitality from pubs to restaurants, indie merchants to airlines and corporates to caterers.  We are a growing, diverse and award-winning wine business. In addition to our trade team, our fine wine team deals with collectors and investors giving us unrivalled access to fine wine and we have a retail division with shops in London’s leafy neighbourhoods. 


    Our promise:

    With such a long history in both trade and retail, our knowledge is extensive. We understand that quality of service is vital to establishing a successful business and look to establish long term, supportive relationships with our producers and customers alike. Training especially, is key. Whether you are a neighbourhood gastro pub, Michelin-starred restaurant, or independent wine merchant yourself, our in-depth product, producer and industry knowledge will help you flourish. Ultimately, we are here to help you.