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    Discover new Signature Range at GCF Portfolio Tasting October 4-5

    Les Grands Chais de France launches Signature Range of top tier properties at first Private Wine Days portfolio tasting in London on 4-5 October 2022

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    GCF (Les Grands Chais de France) is launching the Family Helfrich Signature Range of top tier French domaines and châteaux selected for their wine making excellence and aimed at the premium on-trade. The new range features 22 award-winning properties from some of the best terroirs in each of France’s wine making regions. It will be unveiled at GCF’s first London tasting showcasing highlights from its entire portfolio. GCF Private Wine Days – the ultimate portfolio event which takes place on 4 and 5 October in the stunning rooftop venue at 10 York Road in Waterloo.

    The exceptional properties in the new Signature range include; Châteaux Bastor Lamontagne in Sauternes, Châteaux de Fesles in the Anjou region of the Loire and Domaine du Joncas in Terrasses du Larzac. All the estates highlight the talent of their winemaking teams at each step of the winemaking process, as well as demonstrating organic or sustainable practices. They also reflect the passion and investment that GCF’s owners, the Helfrich family have poured into them since they began their journey of acquiring some of the best estates in the world back in 2003 with Domaine de la Baume. Today they own 75 properties around the world.

    The Signature Range will be launched at the London edition of GCF’s Private Wine Days which is part of a global roll out of events. For the first time, GCF will be showing almost 300 wines chosen from across their vast portfolio to show the trade and press how much the company has grown and evolved in recent times. 

    GCF’s regional winemakers will be present on both days to shine a light on their respective regions of France. In addition to the Signature Range other highlights will include; new international award-winning properties in Chile, Spain, Germany and Hungary, Calvet, the the UK’s best-selling pan-appellation French brand, Crémant from every French producing region, a range of zero % wines and spirits including the UK’s no 1 alcohol-free sparkling wine brand, Nozeco, orange wines, and much, much more.

    Wines from Chilean producer Vina Las Ninas will be available to taste at the event

    If you thought you knew GCF, think again, a lot has changed and it’s time to take a new look…. 

    “We are so excited to bring our on-trade and independent’s portfolio to London to launch the Signature Range, and with the addition of the very best from our off-trade range as well for the first time,” says Chris Davies, sales director for GCF. “GCF has changed and grown so much both within France and internationally in the past few years and we wanted to showcase our new portfolio to the wine trade and press to let them take a new look at GCF and experience the changes for themselves.”

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    Family Helfrich

    Family Helfrich is the independent specialist arm of Les Grands Chais de France that has founded the in 1979 and has grown to become the leading producer and exporter of French wines and spirits. It now has an independent portfolio of over 400 wines, including owning 49 domaines and chateaux’s across some of the best terroir France has to offer and a growing number of producers around the world – including Danubiana in Hungary and Las Ninas in Chile and HXM in Germany.

    Its French Domaines includes properties such as Chateau de Fesles and Chateau du Cleray in the Loire, Chateau Cantin & Faizeau in Bordeaux, Chateau Chalon & Domaine De Savagny Vin de Paille in the Jura, Domaine Mas Belles Eaux & La Baume in the Languedoc. There is also Chartron et Trébuchet and Pierre André & Moillard from Burgundy. 

    Working with Family Helfrich Wines gives you the ability as an independent or on-trade wholesaler to buy direct from a producer from appellations all over France, with one delivery, plus a growing international stable of producers too. 

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