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    Alan Armstrong

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    Trevor Lloyd

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    Rob Mitchell

    Emma Campbell

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    Greencroft Bottling is one of the largest contract wine bottlers in the UK, working with some of the world’s leading wine companies. We pride ourselves on our outstanding quality and attention to detail because we know the quality of our finished product needs to be of the highest possible standard, a task our QA team works hard to achieve and maintain.

    Our business continues to grow and we have embarked on ambitious plans to develop a purpose built £20million, 220,000 ft2 (20,439m2) bottling facility at its our main site in County Durham. With work set to be completed in 2020, Greencroft Two will be the most modern and environmentally sustainable wine bottling facility in the world, housing new filling lines – including canning and sparkling – and increasing capability to 400 million litres per year, from 105million litres at present.

    Every business has a duty of care to minimise its impact on the environment and so our new facility will be powered using energy generated by Lanchester Group’s three on-site wind turbines and will be built with 1,000,000 Watts of solar panels which alone will generate 850,000 kWh per year. It will also be the first business in the world to take heat from the cooling of wine to provide heat for its building, using technology developed by Lanchester Group. And, the first to work with battery manufacturers to install an electricity storage capability for times when renewable energy generation does not cover factory energy requirements (ie, there is no wind or sunlight).

    Because we believe being carbon neutral is just the beginning.