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    World Bulk Wine Exhibition

    21-22 November, RAI Amsterdam

    The biggest global gathering within the bulk wine trade returns for two shows in 2022. Starting in California in June and then in Amsterdam in November.  For more information click here.

    The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is the most important wine fair worldwide in terms of business transactions focusing on 85% of the global supply for bulk wine. A sector that sees transactions of over €3.5bn a year.

    The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is the trade fair where every second counts, because it is exclusively devoted to wine professionals and it is entirely focused on making business.

    The WBWE provides a wide range of bulk wines and bag-in-box, ranging from wines with designation of origin or protected geographical indication, to wines with varietal denomination, as well as generic wines designated for blends or defined to elaborate sparkling wines or aromatized wines, such as vermouth.

    Buyers and suppliers are able to use WBWE as the ideal platform to showcase this diversity in wine, as well as look at key areas such as multiple sales contracts, as well as packaging agreements (both at origin or destination).

    The WBWE is committed to ensuring every exhibitor that takes part, with their own variety of quality bulk wine, will have the best international showcase for their products.

    This is made possible by the work the WBWE does to attract the right buyers from all over the world. WBWE is a strategically imporrtant event in that provides a 360-degree vision of what the bulk wine industry has to offer.

    For further information please contact: Cristina Villar Miranda
, communications manager at press@worldbulkwine.com
, www.worldbulkwine.com.