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    Wineally is a Swedish Software-as-a-Service company established in 2017 and targeting the wine trade. 

    Wineally offers easy-to-use business systems for wine producers, wine merchants and restaurants (on-sales premises). 

    The Wine & Food Matcher makes it fun and easy for wine consumers to find best matching wines to the dishes offered in a Wineally-licenced restaurant. It can be used by guests and/or serving staff to improve the guest wine & dine experiences. Being able to, with confidence, find or recommend best matching wines will increase the restaurant wine revenues. And thereby for the wine supplier. 

    When visiting online wine shops or wine producers, the Wine & Food Matcher offer wine customers matching recipes to the offered wines. Making it easy to have great wine & dine experiences at home will increase sales.  

    Wine merchants and producers will benefit from both on and off-trade sales.  

    The Wineally Sales and Support team have long experience from working with wine; as wine merchants, as restaurant managers, or as sommeliers and is complemented by our excellent Tech team. 

    Company Social Responsibility

    We aim to build long term relationships with all our customers and other stakeholders by understanding their objectives and meeting their needs over time as they evolve, with the goal to give fair value, consistent quality, and reliability. Our commitment is to have the highest professional and ethical standards and to be honest, open, and transparent in all our dealings with customers and other stakeholders. We choose providers and suppliers that mirror our ethos, e.g.,(but not limited to) employment practices, quality, and environmental control.

    The company values 

    • We respect everyone and treat people with dignity, respect, kindness, and professionalism.

    • We build long-term relationships by honouring our commitments, respect, and honesty.

    • We are fearless, open-minded, creative, and fast in our quest to offer valuable solutions for consumers and our customers.

    • We care about all our stakeholders.

    • We combine good human and company values with an ambition to make Wineally a fast-growing, profitable company that will become the global market leader.