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    Peter Dean
    Millennials are set to take over from the Baby Boomer generation as the demographic with the most disposable income in the coming years, making them an attractive proposition to FMCG manufacturers

    One Step Beyond: Polly Hammond on why millennials are so special

    At the end of 2019 we gave the floor to Joe Fattorini to set out why he believes marketing only to millennials is a waste of time and the dangers of basing any consumer research just on the thoughts and behaviours of one demographic group. It’s, therefore, only fair to balance things up and assess just what it is about millennials that some marketers and consultants think makes them so special. Like Polly Hammond, founder of 5Forests, a brand communications consultancy, who believes there is much for us all to learn about how millennials, in general, have grown up in what she argues has been the most fast changing and disruptive market place for consumers. Here Hammond, who is one of the partners and keynote speakers at the upcoming breakthrough One Step Beyond conference, part organised by The Buyer, gives her take on why millennials are not only special, but are worth listening to. 

    People People: Producer
    Millesime Bio has seen a big uplift in visitors in the last few years

    Nicolas Richarme on how world of organics gravitates to Millesime Bio

    The interest and diversity in organic wines has arguably never been stronger, which makes next week’s Millesime Bio trade fair even more important than normal, as it expects to welcome buyers from all over the world, with a strong, and loyal delegation coming from the UK. Here Nicolas Richarme, president of SudVinBio, and a producer himself at Château de Bastet in France’s Occitanie, on what is in store for them in Montpellier.

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    Jones picks out Martin Lam as one of few fellow chefs who take their wine very seriously

    LWF Wine Buyers Awards: Martin Lam on what makes a good buyer

    There are no hard or fast rules when it comes to buying wine for a restaurant wine list, but there are arguably more ways in which you can get it wrong, than if you play it safe with well known varieties from established regions and countries. To stand out in the new London Wine Fair Wine Buyers Awards you are going to have to do a lot more than that. One of the judges for the Restaurant and Wine Bar category, Martin Lam, explains what he thinks makes a good wine buyer.

    Tasting: Wine
    St. JOHN

    Taking a pilgrimage to St. JOHN to taste the new 2020 wine range

    The Vignerons’ Lunch at St. JOHN Restaurant is an annual tasting of the group’s wine range – available to trade and consumer – including its own label wines blended by the wine team, its own Languedoc winery Boulevard Napoléon, and a group of vignerons that St. JOHN works with, either on its own label wines or with specific and bespoke cuvées. It is also an excuse to praise at the high altar of British cooking, with St. JOHN co-founders Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver. In a somewhat messy fashion.

    The rise in craft beer is part of the reason why wine is struggling in the on-trade

    CGA Report: Where biggest threats to wine are coming from

    Well, that’s a headline to get the heart rate going, particularly in a market that is already having to come to terms with a steady decline. But forewarned is forearmed which makes the latest CGA report such an important and fascinating read. It looks to dig behind the headlines and crunch the numbers to identify what are the other drinks categories that are the real clear and present dangers to overall wine sales in the on-trade. Here are the top line findings.

    People People: Supplier

    Côte de Beaune shines in 2018 says Mentzendorff

    The Côte de Beaune is still relatively under-rated compared to the Côte de Nuits, says Mentzendorff managing director Andrew Hawes, who argues that it is still possible to find great and specific terroir, coupled to availability, at prices that have not yet experienced the dramatic escalations experienced in the Côte de Nuits. Key signature wines continue to be in short supply, however, which forces buyers to explore the region looking for an alternative which, in turn, leads to lesser known appellations deservedly receiving more attention.

    There is huge demand for fine dining and fine wines in Hong Kong

    Global restaurant wine list trends from Wine Business Solutions

    It’s hard enough knowing what is going on in one on-trade market, never mind being able to assess wider trends across different countries around the world, but once you can it opens up a whole new way of looking at what styles of wine are selling in serious numbers and the impact that is going to have on wine sales in the future. That’s where Wine Business Solutions comes in and its ability to be able to analyse wine lists and restaurant wine sales across the main global wine markets. Here the head of WBS, Peter McAtamney, shares some of the worldwide trends it sees developing that are going to dictate what are going to be on our wine lists in the future. 


    Bourgogne Week 2020: Cutting the cloth to fit with Armit

    In advance of Armit’s en primeur tasting on January 15th Burgundy buyer Nicolas Clerc MS explains how a range rationalisation was an important part of increasing sales of Burgundy 2017 – concentrating efforts on the producers that they think are a better fit for their customers. Wines will be positioned in the market differently according to producer, price point, scarcity, vintage quality, as well as the wider conversations Armit has with their suppliers.