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    Matthew Curtis on just why he’s so ‘Opinionated’ about London Pubs

    Having just published An Opinionated Guide to London Pubs, with a second book – Modern British Beer – in the works, it’s safe to say Matthew Curtis knows a thing or two about what makes a good pub, and the kind of beer it should be selling. Fiona Holland talks to the freelance writer and photographer, who by day is busy putting together his drinks website, Pellicle, about what long term impact he sees Covid-19 having on the British pub and beer industries.

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    Elizabeth Gabay MW on Tavel rosé – wine of kings and king of wines

    While recent fashion dictates that rosé is a wine that is only salmon pink and to be enjoyed al fresco, served from an ice bucket, the Tavel rosé wines are an altogether different beast. These are not for those looking for delicate aperitif rosés, but are more serious wines, preserving their heritage and just as happily paired with winter food as a summer salad. With skin contact ranging from 12 to a more traditional 72 hours, Tavel rosés have more colour, weight, structure, firm minerality and hint of tannin, compared to their Provencal counterparts. World rosé expert, Elizabeth Gabay MW, tastes a range of 30 Tavel rosé to highlight their different styles.

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    Top 15 Gold Medal winning wines in 2021 London Wine Competition

    Today we profile the Top Gold Medal winning wines in the 2021 London Wine Competition that scored the three highest level points – 96, 95 and 94 – in this year’s event. These are the wines that stood out even within the Gold Medal class. Each wine in the competition is judged for its quality, its value for money and what they look like with their packaging and design, and are assessed by professional buyers with direct buying responsibility in their roles.

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    3 Ravens Brewery on putting the Aussie personality into craft beer

    Australians have been trying to sell us beer for as long as Paul Hogan was in short trousers. But the 3 Ravens Brewery in Melbourne has a slightly different take on the beer scene than our friends at Foster’s. It is very much about capturing the irreverent Australian personality in its beers, but matching it with authentic, local ingredients that gives the brewery an ever changing range of quality, but quirky craft beers that have gone down a storm at home and now want to make it around the world, including the UK, explains general manager Nathan Liascos.

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    Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs 2009 & reality of climate change

    Bling gift boxes for luxury cuvées will be a thing of the past and Dom Ruinart is happy to be the first major Champagne house to ditch them in order to reduce carbon footprint, says chef de cave, Frédéric Panaïotis; “The time for action is now.” Speaking at the 50th anniversary launch of Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs 2009, the morning after the devastating April frost, Panaïotis wants consumers to understand the effect climate change is having on the future of the region as well as how it affects the style of the Champagne they are drinking. A deep dive into the 2009 vintage, and the decisions he and his team have to make during increasingly early harvests made for enlightening and sobering listening. Peter Dean had an audience and tastes and rates the new cuvée in full.

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    STELLENBOSCH, SOUTH AFRICA - NOVEMBER 17: Swiss winemaker Bernard Fontannaz photographed at the packaging center of Sterhuis Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, South Africa, on November 17, 2020. 

Photo: Charlie Shoemaker for Le Temps

    Origin Wine responds to Covid’s challenges & opportunities

    Even a business as seemingly entrenched and successful as Origin Wine, one of the world’s most respected and successful wine producers, making wine in South Africa and South America and creating brands that sell the world over, has had to take serious action in the last 12 months to respond to the challenges thrown down by Covid-19. A key part of that response has been working with experienced winemaker and consultant, Clem Yates MW, on developing bespoke blends and wines for customers when buyers have been unable to travel, as Richard Siddle reports.

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    Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction

    South Africa’s history will unfold at the Cape Fine & Rare Auction

    The second Cape Fine & Rare Auction takes place on May 22 with a 200-year old bottle of sweet Muscat de Frontignan hogging all the headlines. But it is not just Groot Constantia’s bottle of Grand Constance 1821 that makes this year’s event worth registering for. A new tasting panel, a new set of criteria and overall set-up has ensured that the range of wines on offer and the quality level has never been higher. Geoffrey Dean talked to leading South African wine critic Michael Fridjhon,
    Cathy van Zyl MW and François Rautenbach about why wine buyers should tune in this year, what’s on offer and how the auction delivers a captivating slice of South Arica’s continually evolving wine history.

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    One Step Beyond Webinar: Key Covid consumer trends

    We might not have physically gone very far in the last year, but as people and as consumers we are all very different in what we want and expect from our favourite brands and businesses than we did before March 2020. Just how far we have changed was at the heart of the first One Step Beyond webinar for 2021, organised by The Buyer and Sophie Jump, that attracted delegates from 24 countries around the world. In the first write up from the event Richard Siddle looks at the big changes in consumer behaviour that Alex Ririe, director of The Collaborators, the brand consultancy business, thinks we need to be on top off coming out of lockdown.

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    How single vineyards shone at Donnafugata’s 2018 Etna tasting

    To many, Donnafugata is a byword for Sicilian wine, such is the company’s reach and influence. Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year the company has 410 hectares of vines spread across five estates on Sicily, all with their own vinification and ageing facilities, and all producing wines with a mix of international and indigenous varieties. To highlight the wines from their most recently established winery on Etna, brother and sister owners, Antonio and José Rallo held a tasting to show the 2018 vintage, along with the spectacular work they are doing in their single vineyard sites.

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    Ferrari Trento on celebrating its Formula 1 sponsorship deal

    There is something very different about this new Formula 1 season. For a start Lewis Hamilton looks like he is going to have to work a lot harder to keep himself at the front of the grid, and if he ends up sharing more podiums with Max Verstappen then they will be celebrating with bottles of Ferrari Trento thanks to a new sponsorship deal signed by the Italian sparkling wine company. We talk to president and chief executive, Matteo Lunelli, about how this illustrious deal came together and how they hope to capitalise on it.