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    The Buyer is a new online and social media platform to provide insights, opinion and tasting analysis for sommeliers, senior buyers and decision makers across the premium on-trade sector. The Buyer will bring drinks producers and their suppliers and distributors closer to the needs of owners and operators of bars, restaurants, pubs and hotels in the food driven on-trade.

    It will help them make more informed decisions about what are the right kinds of products and offers for their individual outlets and businesses.

    Centered around a dedicated website, The Buyer, will also offer a number of opportunities where key decision makers, on both the supplier and outlet side of the premium on-trade, can meet, share experiences and explore ways to work more effectively and efficiently together.

    This will include focused, bespoke tastings, buyer-related seminars, roundtables, events and targeted newsletters for key sectors of the on-trade and its supply base.

    The Buyer is a new independent editorial platform for the drinks industry founded by award winning business editor, Richard Siddle, formerly Harpers Wine & Spirit, and senior publishing executive, and leading lifestyle wine and drinks writer, Peter Dean, co-founder of Seven Publishing.

    The Buyer will:
    * go behind the scenes and look at the dynamics of buying and selling across the premium on-trade

    * share best practices and experiences across premium beers, wines and spirits and between suppliers, individual outlets and pub and restaurant groups.

    * help senior drinks buyers better understand the trends and changes in consumer behaviour that will influence the kind of food and drink offers they want to see in bars, pubs or restaurants

    * give decision makers access to the opinions and thoughts of key business influencers both from inside and outside the premium on-trade sector

    * offer new social media channels to share insights, and provide tasting analysis at @TheBuyer11 on Twitter and Instragam.