• Stroud Brewery

    Why/how we started

    Craft breweries are opening up all over the UK. Each have their own story to tell but we are pretty sure that none are quite like ours.

    Greg Pilley, managing director and owner of Stroud Brewery, will tell you himself that he has always had a disproportionate interest in beer, stemming from an expatriate childhood where social drinking was often the catalyst of community building in the newly constructed and remote engineers ‘villages’ where he grew up in Argentina, Iran and Jordan.

    Greg studied Marine Biology at Swansea University. After graduating he worked for various conservation organisations in the UK and overseas. After two years VSO, as project manager for a conservation project in Nigeria, Greg travelled for two years researching the traditional alcoholic beverages of Africa – how they were produced and the social context they were drunk in.

    Returning to the UK, Greg settled in Bristol and began working for the Soil Association, principally as project co-ordinator for the Cultivating Communities project. Working for the Soil Association developed Greg’s interest in the importance of organic.

    Greg’s interest in sustainable development, community creation and beer came together. He had a vision to develop a thriving, dynamic and resilient enterprise, recognised for its ethos of sustainability and producing a nationally respected range of cask ales and organic bottled beers.

    With a family on the way Greg and his partner Jade decided to leave Bristol and find somewhere lovely to raise a family and set up an organic brewery.

    Stroud Brewery was established in 2006. Just two months later, its launching brew, Budding, was awarded Champion Beer of Gloucestershire at the Cotswold Beer Festival and it remains our most popular beer. The business has grown steadily and now employs over 20 people.

    Where we are:

    Stroud Brewery is based in Thrupp, on the edge of Stroud, a vibrant Cotswold town.

    Our brewing philosophy

    Our beers are brewed to organic standards and are certified by the Soil Association. These standards support our ambition to produce the highest quality beers with care for people and planet. Sustainability is at the core of the organic approach. The standards we have to adhere to include not only the ingredients, but also how organic beer is made, packaged and traded.

    What beers do we make

    At Stroud Brewery we are dedicated to brewing quality organic beer. Our premium beers are brewed using mainly Cotswold grown malting barley from Warminster Maltings and the best quality organic hops that we can source.

    The foundation of our business is brewing unique cask conditioned beers, and in our opinion that’s the best way to enjoy a good beer. However we have embraced the changing market and now offer vegan and organic keg, canned and bottled beers including our award-winning lager. We distribute our beers throughout the UK and internationally, spreading the organic message far and wide. We have a regular range of six bottles, four cans and regularly changing keg beers that are organic and vegan friendly.

    Our routes to market

    We offer a great range of award-winning organic beers with varying strengths and flavours, and produce fined and unfined beers. Our beers are sold in many pubs, bars, restaurants, shops and by online retailers all across the UK. But the best place to try the full range is the Stroud Brewery Tap in Thrupp.

    How to get hold of our beers /distributors

    Deliveries are made throughout the South West on a weekly basis. If you are outside the area, we have a number of distributors that stock our casks, kegs, bottles and cans. Please contact us for further details.

    We do export our beer and welcome new enquiries.