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    Pix is a wine discovery platform that combines inspiring content with a state-of-the-art wine search engine, seamlessly connecting wine lovers to wine sellers – without getting in the middle. Pix disrupts the high-fee marketplace model by making the platform completely free to all suppliers, whether they’re a winery or a retailer. Its vision is to level the playing field, building a neutral platform where all sellers can compete effectively. Pix also offers their best-in-class data analytics software free to wine sellers.

    Set to launch in Spring 2021, Pix is building a better way to buy and sell wine in the US and the UK.

    Paul Mabray, chief executive 

    Paul Mabray has been a powerful change agent in the wine industry for over 20 years. He has been at the forefront of all major digital trends for the wine industry, working with WineShopper.com and Wine.com when they entered the wine-digital space. He founded two companies that significantly changed the digital US wine landscape, first by introducing winery e-commerce with Inertia Beverage Group that transformed into WineDirect.com pioneering winery e-commerce and then again introducing social media and social customer relationship management with VinTank.com.

    He is considered the wine industry’s foremost futurist and thought leader, harnessing the power and potential of digital tools and methodologies to move the industry into the future.

    As to why he wants Pix to be the lead sponsor of the One Step Beyond online webinars and events hosted by The Buyer and Sophie Jump he said: “In seeking the best conferences in the world to help unlock the future for the wine industry, One Step Beyond stands out for its quality, speakers, and leadership. The wine world needs better ways to understand the rapidly changing world of technology, One Step Beyond is a guiding light to help the industry build a better tomorrow.

    “Our industry needs more conferences focused on helping wine companies bridge the gap between today and tomorrow. It’s wonderful to see One Step Beyond make this their mission and we are pleased to partner with them.”