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    Family Helfrich is the independent specialist arm of Les Grands Chais de France…yes, still a family…with real people! 

    Joseph founded the company in 1979 with 5000 fr and we have grown to become the leading producer and exporter of French wines and spirits.

    Don’t let the size put you off, it has helped us create an independent portfolio of over 400 wines and we now own 49 domaines and chateaux’s across some of the best terroir France has to offer.

    Domaines such as Chateau de Fesles and Chateau du Cleray in the Loire, Chateau Cantin & Faizeau in Bordeaux, Chateau Chalon & Domaine De Savagny Vin de Paille in the Jura, Domaine Mas Belles Eaux & La Baume in the Languedoc. 

    Newest additions include Chartron et Trébuchet, Pierre André & Moillard from Burgundy, and many more to mention here.

    Having the infrastructure allows us to consolidate all of our wines at one central location in Alsace, where you can either come and collect or we can deliver a single mixed pallet to you.

    REMEMBER, we are a producer, a family producer, not an agency as some people think.

    Working with Family Helfrich Wines gives you the ability as an Independent or on-trade Wholesaler to buy direct from a producer from appellations all over France, with one delivery. 

    A perfect solution to help you grow and experiment with France and all it has to offer.

    First portfolio tasting

    Famille Helfrich will be holding our first ever portfolio tasting on February 25-27 2019 from 10am-5pm at Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham. Up to 300 wines from the extensive Famille Helfrich portfolio, destined exclusively for the on-trade and independent merchant channels, will be on show with current vintages presented wherever possible. 

    Wines will be shown from their more than 50 domains covering some of the best terroir that France has to offer, as well as from their recently acquired properties in Germany, Spain and Hungary and the New World. Each section will be presented by Famille Helfrich winemakers for that particular region, including Pierre-Jean Sauvion who heads up winemaking in the Loire and Nicholas Haffelin who is in charge in Alsace. New World Winemaker, Nick Butler will also be on hand with a range of wines from the New World where Famille Helfrich are currently investing heavily.

    If you would like to attend email Chris Davies on cdavies@lgcf.fr.

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