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    Key people

    Guillaume Bonnefoi

    Shakespeare House, 168 Lavender hill, London SW11 5TG

    1 Rue des Oliviers, 94537 Thiais Cedex

    +33 66 664 4808

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    Castel Frères is still a family run company managed on a daily basis by members of its second and third generation. The family owns 20 estates across the main wine producing regions of France (Bordeaux,  Provence, Loire and Languedoc). They include wines at all price points and styles, from accessible wines in the Languedoc to two Grands Crus estates in Bordeaux. Managed by active family homes of members of the Castel family.  
    Total production from these properties now comes from over 1,000 hectares of vineyards in France, which makes the Chateaux et Domaine Castel selection the biggest owners of vineyards in France. All of which follow complete sustainable practices and already 600 ha are certified under the Terra Vitis” programme. 
    The Castel family prides itself on investing in terroirs to be revered. It uses the most modern viticultural practices and technology, with world class winemakers helping to make quality, consistent, award winning wines suitable for all price points and markets.
    In the vital UK market we were one of the first major global wine producers to engage with regional wholesalers, independent merchants and buyers in the on-trade by signing up to the industry’s Best Practices Guidelines and ensuring all our range is carefully selected and distributed to the right channels. 
    We look to work closely with our partners in the UK and to build up strong relationships with them in different regions and areas of the country. That way we are able to work with a network of committed wholesalers, independents and distributors that understand the markets they operate in and the wines we have best suited to their customers.
    As a major French wine producer we are aware of the challenging market the UK now is for the overall French wine category – which is down 5% every year for the last five years. It is why we think it is so important to work with our experienced UK partners and their customers and support them with innovative solutions and packages that provide them with the right French wines at the best prices for their businesses. The current campaign to support French Riviera rosé wines is a perfect demonstration of that. 
    Castel Freres is able to supply wine right across our portfolio from the top of our Chateaux and Grands Crus wines. Many of our UK partners and importers now see us as a single point of contact to cover so much of their needs from France. We can support them in person from our London office and then give them opportunity, if they prefer, to pick up wines from a single collection point in the north of France (St Omer)
    We would welcome the opportunity to come and talk to you about our range and how our wines might help you drive the most value and offer the best quality to your customers so that we collectively help France on its come back in the UK market.
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