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    Aquilini Beverage Group

    Aquilini Beverage Group 

    Aquilini Beverage Group is a division of Aquilini Investment Group that specializes in wine, spirits and ready-to-drink beverages. With deep family roots in agriculture, it was no surprise that the Aquilini family evolved their business interests into wine. After building a foundation in the vineyards, the next phase of the business included a portfolio of wine brands. Many of their wine and ready-to-drink brands can be found in the United States and Canada.

    The company has focused on Washington State, with holdings in the Horse Heaven Hills , Columbia Valley, and the prestigious Red Mountain region. It’s this latter AVA that represents the highlight in the portfolio. Red Mountain’s unique climate, soil, and topography give way to some of the best red wines in the world. The Aquilinis signature brand bears the family name, and is recognized for representing the virtues of Red Mountain: rich and intense, tannic, and full-bodied with aging potential.