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    Buying decisions from trend setting trade and The Buyer tastings

    Tasting: Wine

    Lambrusco: one of the stars of cut-price Italian wine network Vinità Italia

    Vinita Italia, ‘a full-service wine network’ launched this month with a London tasting, a masterclass on Italian fizz and a promise that on-trade buyers could benefit from prices that were 15-20% off current rates, by dealing with Vinita directly. Sparkling Arneis and a range of Lambruscos ‘for experts’ were some of the highlights of the tasting. We pick out the highlights.

    Tasting: Wine

    Raimond Prüm puts his Mosel Rieslings to the test of time

    One of the highlights of the London portfolio tasting held by Davy’s in February was a fascinating masterclass from Raimond Prüm of S.A.Prüm, that looked into the effect of time on his premium Mosel Rieslings. As he prepares to hand over the reins of the winery to his daughter after 46 years in charge, he reflects on the heritage at the winery and shows off a range of wines that are all ageing gracefully.

    Tasting: Wine

    Lea & Sandeman’s Italian tasting: classics back and re-invented

    Franciacorta, Pinot Grigio and Lambrusco are back in vogue but being re-invented by canny Italian winemakers. For blogger and wine importer Mike Turner, attending Lea & Sandeman’s Italian wine tasting,  it bore a striking resemblance to how another Italian classic managed to save itself by looking to the future and re-inventing itself. 

    Tasting: Wine

    Bordeaux 2016 – Grand Cercle’s tasting of the “best vintage ever”

    Very good or historic, the jury is just starting to deliberate what the quality of the Bordeaux 2016 vintage is like as en primeur tastings begin. La Conseillante (and other estates) have declared that it is their “best vintage ever”, whether that is the impact of Michel Rolland, the vintage characteristics, or both we will have to wait to see. For UK buyers, however, the Grand Cercle Primeurs tasting in London yesterday (March 15) was the first chance to find out first hand what Bordeaux 2016 is really like.

    Tasting: Wine

    The best wines to buy at the Oregon & Washington tasting

    Michelin-starred chef Roger Jones finds plenty to rave about at the Oregon & Washington Wines tasting held in London this week. Relatively new to the wine-buying public, both states are producing exceptional quality wines using a wide range of varietals that include Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Our man on the ground helps you bag the best.

    Tasting: Wine

    La Conseillante tasting: 2 formats, 5 vintages. Which are which?

    So how are your tasting skills? Do you reckon you could tell a double magnum from a single bottle – when the wine in both is ‘exactly the same’? This is what Pomerol’s La Conseillante challenged The Buyer to in a tasting lunch playfully titled The Big Bottle Tasting. They showed five vintages of their top wine blind in both single bottle and double magnum and we had to deduce which was which. Talk about no such thing as a free lunch…

    Tasting: Wine

    Dom. Ruinart Champagne: the art of keeping it simple

    Chris Wilson tastes the new vintages of Dom. Ruinart Champagne – Blanc de Blancs 2006 and Dom. Ruinart Rosé 2004 – alongside Chef de Caves, Frédéric Panaiotis and learns that, when is all summed up, making world class Champagne is all about keeping the process simple.

    Tasting: Wine

    Limited edition wines initiative shines at Davy’s portfolio tasting

    One of the highlights of Davy’s portfolio tasting held at the Over-Seas League in February was a table boasting just 11 wines which were all limited edition, small volume, artisanal wines that, in order to have first dibs at, you actually had to come to the tasting and put an order in.

    Tasting Tasting: Panel Tasting
    Corney & Barrow's Rebecca Palmer

    The Buyer’s Case with Cave de Vignerons de Saint-Chinian wines

    The Buyer has been set up to help drinks producers and leading on-trade buyers better understand their needs and where possible work closer together. This is best demonstrated by The Buyer’s Case initiative where we link up with a wine producer or importer and ask leading buyers to taste, assess and offer professional feedback on their wines. Here we turn to the Languedoc-Roussillon and present wines from leading producer, Cave de Vignerons de Saint-Chinian to leading on-trade decision makers.

    Tasting: Wine

    Roger Jones’ casts his vote at Berkmann’s ‘General Selection’

    If you didn’t manage to make it to the Berkmann annual portfolio tasting in London last week them never fear, Michelin-starred chef Roger Jones was on hand to taste the wines for you and recommend which ones will work and which will not work in the premium on-trade.



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    • Still going strong although I wouldnt sit on these ifhellip
      Still going strong although I wouldn't sit on these if you still have any. Deep red, quite a funky nose in a nice Old World way, complex layers of flavours - cocoa, coffee, leather, herbs, umami. Drunk on it's own at the end of a meal filled with fine wine.
    • 2nd vintage of wild Pais from Chiles Bouchon More roundedhellip
      2nd vintage of wild Pais from Chile's Bouchon. More rounded than 1st 'rustic' vintage because they took out the white bunches and made a white out of them! Red fruit, savoury nose, easy mouthfeel, fine tannins, well structured, lovely notes of shiitake on the finish. Great pairing at Frenchie in London.
    • Amazing that this wine is still being made This ishellip
      Amazing that this wine is still being made. This is a fine Chardonnay/ Sauvignon Blanc blend (60/40) that has volume in the mouth then a lovely mineral, saline, citrus edge to the finish. Really enjoyable as an aperitif and with smoked salmon. Reminded me of s Chardonnay from Galilee.
    • Lambrusco made in the old style for a modern crowdhellip
      Lambrusco made in the old style for a modern crowd - whole-bunch, soft pressing. Deliciously dry thanks to 80% Salamino grapes with aromatics and balance coming from 20% Sorbara grapes. Serve with pasta. A real eye-opener on how good Lambrusco can be.
    • From Rothschilds estate in Occitanie comes this their top cuvehellip
      From Rothschild's estate in Occitanie comes this, their top cuvée, a blend of Bordeaux and Mediterranean varieties with 46% Merlot the main grape. Very dark in colour it has attractive aromasof black fruit, balsamic, olive. It is deceptively easy drinking. Velvety tannins and a nice texture. Class act but not sure it's worth the price tag, given other top blends in the area.
    • Name to watch for the whites The Chateau is inhellip
      Name to watch for the whites. The Chateau is in its own sweet wine appellation of Cerons. Their sticky is sublime but also try their classic white Bordeaux blend (50/50 Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon) that is tremendous value and is very refined.