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    Buying decisions from trend setting trade and The Buyer tastings

    Tasting: Wine

    Painted Wolf gets lion’s share at North South Wines tasting

    The inaugural London wine tasting held by fledgling wine distributor North South Wines showed a number of quality wines across its portfolio. A tasting table based on the company’s insights and predictions for the coming year was illuminating. But it was the wines of one producer in particular, South Africa’s Painted Wolf, that got the journalists in the room reaching for their superlatives.

    Tasting: Wine
    4-aerial-view-of-southern-right-hamilton-russell-vineyards-and-ashbourne Long Read

    Roger Jones’ pick of best top quality South African Pinotage

    Pinotage is a wine that has gone out of fashion, particularly in the premium end of the market – this despite it being a derivative of Cinsault and Pinot, two grapes that have recently seen a massive increase in production on South Africa’s Cape. Michelin-starred chef Roger Jones travelled to South Africa to find out what has happened to quality Pinotage and see if he could find some that would sit happily on wine lists in the UK.

    Tasting: Wine

    Discoveries at French Independent Winegrowers’ tasting

    Promoting the profession of vine growing and making wines with personality, the French Independent Winegrowers association, descended on London with 30 of its 7,000 members. Christina Rasmussen was there to taste and discover wines that are worth considering for your list.

    Tasting: Wine

    The Tri Nations Wine Challenges Round 6 – NZ vs South Africa

    Roger Jones’ Tri Nations Wine Challenges bandwagon hit New Zealand for the first time on Tuesday 7th February, a concept to highlight the quality of premium wines from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, matched with Michelin star food. With New Zealand the only nation not to have lost a round, could they hold their unbeaten record in Round 6 against the very best that South Africa could throw at them?

    Tasting: Wine

    Aussie micro-négociants making top Burgundy with no vines

    The Australia Day Tastings and the influential Artisans of Australia showcase late last year demonstrated the forward thinking and innovation of Australian winemakers. However, it’s not just on Australian home turf that this is happening. There is a group of three Australian micro-négociants doing brilliant things in Burgundy, too. Chrissy Rasmussen caught up with them, Mark Haisma, Andrew & Emma Nielsen and Jane Eyre. No, not that one…

    Tasting: Wine

    No bullshit! It’s Roger Jones on Day 3 of Pinot Noir NZ 2017

    With the lightweights all tucked up in bed trying to sleep the gala dinner off, our man in Wellington, Michelin-starred chef, Roger Jones returned to the Opera House to hear some impassioned talks about biodynamic farming, meet Sam Neill and explore the many wonders of Pinot Noir from Marlborough. All of this after Roger’s customary 20k morning run, many hundreds of bench presses and meagre, organic oats breakfast…. ‘natch.

    Tasting: Wine

    Roger Jones joins Axl and the Mile High Pinot club

    So what do you do after three days of intense Pinot Noir tasting and drinking? Not to mention the after-party of Guns And Roses in the same hotel. Why another round of Pinot Noir, of course, drank in a chartered jet flying at low, turbulent altitude. Our Michelin-starred chef, Roger Jones, put on a brave face (well not that brave) and decided to join the mile high Pinot club.

    Tasting: Wine

    Taking on the ABCs in the Adelaide Hills with cool climate Chardonnay

    Wine writer and importer, Mike Turner, argues that there are two main reasons for putting cool climate Chardonnay on your list – price and food-pairing – when he attends a masterclass of Chardonnay from Adelaide Hills at the London date of the Australia Day Tasting 2017.

    Tasting: Wine

    Discovering lesser known Pinot heroes: Pinot Noir NZ 2017 Day 2

    Pinot Noir NZ 2017 Day Two started with an international masterclass that highlighted eight international Pinot Noirs. After ruminating on the words ‘greatness’ and ‘perfection’ Michelin-starred chef Roger Jones went in search of both amongst the tables of winemakers, some of which are well known in the UK and others were wonderful discoveries.

    Tasting Tasting: Spirit
    Gin's iconic distiller, Jared Smith, of Sipsmith shares his wisdom in the film

    Film with a slice- Gin:The Movie bursts onto cinema screens

    Gin has become such a phenomenon not just within the bars, restaurants and pubs that sell it, but with consumers who will happily try any new brand on the market. Such is the interest in gin it has now been given the big screen treatment with its own movie dedicated to the art of distilling and gin making.



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    • Unpretentious table quaffing wine that punches above its weight 2013hellip
      Unpretentious table/ quaffing wine that punches above its weight. 2013 and yet the deep golden colour (with green hue) makes it look older. Fresh in the mouth with lime pith, lemon grass, green apple. Acidity possibly falling off a bit, but amazing value for a wine you can pick up for £10. Served with seafood linguine with a light tomato, spicy sauce.
    • Hes noted for his extraordinary Pinot Noir but his Syrahhellip
      He's noted for his extraordinary Pinot Noir but his Syrah is also fabulous, and drinking better now than on release where I thought it was slightly too lean. This requires a 2-hr decant. The wine is pure white pepper on the nose, complex flavours of black fruit, precise, well-structured. Will evolve for many years.
    • This is a top Chenin from SAs Painted Wolf hellip
      This is a top Chenin from SA's Painted Wolf - a real find the other day. It's got the feel of a Demi-Sec from Vouvray - so has volume in the mouth but in a nice dry style. All his single vineyard whites were outstanding. Read more about him on
    • Unique A saigne Ros made from bulk German grape Trollingerhellip
      Unique. A saignée Rosé made from bulk German grape Trollinger. This looks like from the colour it's going to be sickly sweet, but's dry, wonderfully textured and has some nice acidity. Perfect as an aperitif with nibbles, I bought it direct for €6
    • Theres Vouvray and then theres Huet Unmistakeable Chenin Blanc Terrifichellip
      There's Vouvray and then there's Huet. Unmistakeable Chenin Blanc. Terrific core of acidity, ripe fruit, quite evolved colour and phenolics. Quite delicious and still a baby.
    • Proof that Mendozas great wines age spectacularly well This ishellip
      Proof that Mendoza's great wines age spectacularly well. This is a Cabernet Franc-dominated Bordeaux blend. Many of the same phenolic and taste characteristics are there - bramble, red fruit on the nose & ripe blackcurrant, mint, toast on the palate. Only quibble is how much glass was in the bottle! 1.18 kilos! Heaviest bottle I think I've had for a table wine.