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    Buying decisions from trend setting trade and The Buyer tastings

    Tasting: Wine
    Tejo Long Read

    The Buyer on the road: Tejo – a modern story from an historic region

    Michelin-starred chef Roger Jones travels to Tejo in Portugal to visit the three main wine-making regions within this up and coming area. He visits three of the top wineries and recommends wines from each with food pairings. At the end of the article Jones also lists the key grapes of the regions and how they affect the wines.

    Tasting: Wine
    Ramón Bilbao

    Chris Wilson: deconstructing a Rioja blend with Ramón Bilbao

    The wine expert’s life isn’t all wine and roses, well, it is largely all wine to be fair. But tasting raw, unfinished wine samples can be tough. Chris Wilson takes us through a fascinating tasting with Ramón Bilbao winemaker Rodolfo Bastida, who had deconstructed his Rioja blend to show what effect altitude has on each specific plot of vines and why it is important to the future of his wines.

    Tasting: Wine

    English sparkling finds its match with Olley’s Fish Experience

    To celebrate what is being claimed as Britain’s most extensive English wine list for a chippie, Peter Dean headed to Olley’s Fish Experience in South London to sample each of the nine English wines, matched with five different fish suppers. What seemed like an enjoyable stunt at first was in fact an insight into a wonderful commercial and epicurean opportunity – I mean could a meal be any more quintessentially British than English wine served with fish and chips? (NB – we have avoided masses of fishy puns in this article for the sanity of all).

    Tasting: Wine
    Biblia Chora

    Discovering Biblia Chora: Roger Jones’ Greek wine Odyssey part 2

    Continuing his trek across Northern Greece to discover some of the country’s greatest vinous treasures, Michelin-starred chef Roger Jones visits Biblia Chora. This is the winery responsible for making the highly regarded white blend Ovilos, that has become such a sommelier’s favourite. Not only did Jones try a vertical of Ovilos but found many more great wines here, using a mix of indigenous and international varieties.

    Tasting: Wine

    Five essential things you need to know about Franciacorta

    Sparkling wine is undergoing its biggest shakeup in years. The Cava industry has launched a charm offensive with a new ultra-premium category, French Crémant has been displaying its diversity, while almost every New World winemaking region has been steadily upping its game. That, plus the fact that Prosecco continues its dominance in the UK and us Brits are now apparently spending less on Champagne. A good time then to reconsider top Italian sparkling wine Franciacorta? Chris Wilson thinks so, as he went to find out from the Franciacorta London Festival.

    Tasting: Wine

    Mike Turner lunches with Cadus and asks What Next For Malbec?

    Lured by a bloody steak and a large glass of Malbec, Mike ‘I’ll do anything for a free lunch’ Turner became a human guinea pig for Cadus winemaker Santiago Mayorga who wanted to test out his Malbec clonal research on a group of unsuspecting British journalists. Impressed with what he drank, Mike started waxing lyrical (in a Friday lunch sort of way) about Malbec, Bonarda and pretty much anything else that came to mind.

    Tasting: Wine

    Ravishing Rhône: the first impressions of 2016 vintage

    While Southern Rhône vignerons were launching their 2015 wines last year they were talking just as much about the 2016 juice they had in their barrels. Now the Rhône 2016 vintage is upon us, it is indeed a spectacular year with the extended growing season proving key to the freshness of the Grenache and the ripeness of the Mourvedre. Rhône expert Dr Bart Feys took his tasting glass to the first annual tastings at Thorman Hunt and H2Vin and reports back with his top tips on reds to buy.

    Tasting: Wine

    Why Champagne vs English was an inconclusive Judgement

    After Marco Pierre White had a pop at the English wine industry, saying that “only a numpty would buy English wine”, a comparative blind tasting was held in London, hosted by Steven Spurrier, the critic who famously held the Judgement of Paris 41 years ago. Anne Krebiehl MW attended this new event on behalf of The Buyer and, although some producers have subsequently trumpeted the results, Krebiehl believes that this Britannia vs Marianne tasting was an inconclusive beauty contest.

    Tasting: Wine
    Ribera del Duero

    Tasting Tim Atkin’s 12 top Ribera del Duero from 2012 and 2014

    2012 in Ribera del Duero was a vintage that had to deal with ‘off the scale’ heat (40ºC and more) and yet it has produced interesting wines. Geoffrey Dean attended Tim Atkin’s master class at the annual Ribera del Duero tasting in London and saw Atkin contrast the 2012 with the far cooler 2014 vintage with some spectacular results.

    Tasting: Wine
    The Vinyl store was the setting for this year's New Douro tasting

    Harry Crowther: sharing the love for Old and New Douro wines

    Portugal’s Douro’s Valley has an allure and an intoxication all of its own. Few who visit there are not smitten by its beautiful landscapes and, increasingly, its quality still wines as well as Ports. Fresh from working a vintage in the valley, Harry Crowther, attended the recent New Douro wine tasting and was able to see how well the wines performed in the coldness of a London November tasting.



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    • Light ruby Nose of Bakewell tart leather ripe black cherrieshellip
      Light ruby. Nose of Bakewell tart, leather, ripe black cherries, cloves, bit of Sous Bois. Attractive mouthfeel, fresh fruit, nice balance, good acidity. Lean, slightly green finish. Great value.
    • This would give a lot of Burgundies a run forhellip
      This would give a lot of Burgundies a run for their money. Black cherries, blackberries, touch of undergrowth on the nose. Crisp black fruit, smoke on the palate with a nice crunch to the fruit. Superbly well made wine and very good value to boot.
    • Great to try this SA Syrah with a bit ofhellip
      Great to try this SA Syrah with a bit of age from one of our favourite producers. There’s a beautiful freshness to the wine, real vitality and moderate alcohol (13.5%). Tasted blind you could be in the Northern Rhône, due perhaps to half the grapes coming from granitic soils. Plenty of black fruit, pepper, and mineral core. Wonderful wine that could easily last another decade.
    • Wonderful white from Sudtirol Alto Adige Italys most Northerly winehellip
      Wonderful white from Sudtirol/ Alto Adige, Italy’s most Northerly wine region. The variety, Kerner, is a cross between Riesling and Trollinger, the German variety normally associated with entry level/ bulk wines. This is first class, fresh, citrus, with a little heat on the finish - a reflection of the South-facing slopes - the altitude and underlying geology bringing complex, mineral flavours and a bright freshness. Delicious.
    • Purple reserved nose at first then leather and leaf Noteshellip
      Purple, reserved nose at first, then leather and leaf. Notes of crisp blueberries, just ripe plums. Great texture and elegant, sandpaper tannins, beautifully fresh for an Argentinian Malbec - from Patagonia and the same winemaker that brought us the Chacra Pinots. Drinking so well for such a young wine.
    • Southern French blend from Broc in Berkeley California  65hellip
      Southern French blend from Broc in Berkeley, California - 65% Carignan, 20% Valdigue, 15% Syrah. This, a 2015 vintage, packs a lot of flavour and wild, garrigue aromas into its 13% ABV. Nice freshness to the wine too.